Bird Photography Tips

If is far more important to get close to your subject rather than using a big long lens like the 800mm or an extender. Know your gear and shoot RAW. That is the best advice I can give. Stunning photos take time, patients and effort. Don’t expect to get a spectacular shot the first time.

Capturing Photos in Fog or Mist

Fog is beautiful, potentially dangerous and eery. It changes the mood of a setting completely. Fog usually appears in the mid to late evening and often lasts until the next morning. Foggy days can ruin a photo or it can create a stunning scene. Rather than be put off by fog and not take photos, follow this guide to use the fog to your advantage.

Vineyard Photos in the Autumn

I regularly take photos in a vineyard close to where I stay in Stellenbosch. Every time I try to take photos that look different from my previous photos. These photos were all taken while walking around in the vineyard. I did not use a tripod. I just took the photos handheld. All the photos were taken with my Canon 24-105mm f/4.0 IS L lens and Canon 5Dmk III.

Comprehensive Guide to Improve Your Macro Photography - Small Snail on a Red Flower

I will discuss some gear needed for macro work, the background and how it affects the photo, point of view, lighting and the minimal depth of field associated with macro.

The most unique problem of macro photography is the extremely shallow depth of field.

In macro photography the background usually is completely out of focus thanks to the extremely shallow depth of field.

Auto focus usually does not work with macro photography especially if the scene is dark and/or you are darn close to the subject. I advise immediately switching to manual focus.

Windmill and Sheep on a Farm in Moorreesburg, South Africa

The wind was blowing and the windpump was spinning. To capture the motion of the wind pump I took this photo with a relatively slow shutterspeed. After making the aperture as small as possible at f/22.0 and the ISO as low as possible at ISO 50. I got a shutterspeed of 1/25th of a second. This was fast enough to hand hold the camera and slow enough to add motion blur to the moving wind pump.