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Windmill and Sheep on a Farm in Moorreesburg, South Africa

The wind was blowing and the windpump was spinning. To capture the motion of the wind pump I took this photo with a relatively slow shutterspeed. After making the aperture as small as possible at f/22.0 and the ISO as low as possible at ISO 50. I got a shutterspeed of 1/25th of a second. This was fast enough to hand hold the camera and slow enough to add motion blur to the moving wind pump. 

Crepuscular Rays Through Clouds Over Mountain - Landscape Photography

Crepuscular rays are caused by the clouds blocking the sunlight with columns of rays passing through the clouds separated by shade areas . Apparently there is proof that these rays are all parallel even though not all the rays look parallel on photos. The rays spreading out into different angles is an optical illusion but some people rather refer to the rays as being almost parallel. This phenomenon usually occurs during twilight hours although this photo was taken almost in midday