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Comprehensive Guide to Improve Your Macro Photography - Small Snail on a Red Flower

I will discuss some gear needed for macro work, the background and how it affects the photo, point of view, lighting and the minimal depth of field associated with macro.

The most unique problem of macro photography is the extremely shallow depth of field.

In macro photography the background usually is completely out of focus thanks to the extremely shallow depth of field.

Auto focus usually does not work with macro photography especially if the scene is dark and/or you are darn close to the subject. I advise immediately switching to manual focus.

Photographing a Spider on its Web

When photographing a spiderweb it can be difficult to make a spiderweb stand out against the background. The waterdrops on the spiderweb makes the spiderweb stand out against the black background. Including a spider on the spiderweb makes a much better photo. Placing the spiderweb off-centre creates a better composition.