Windmill and Sheep on a Farm in Moorreesburg, South Africa

The wind was blowing and the windpump was spinning. To capture the motion of the wind pump I took this photo with a relatively slow shutterspeed. After making the aperture as small as possible at f/22.0 and the ISO as low as possible at ISO 50. I got a shutterspeed of 1/25th of a second. This was fast enough to hand hold the camera and slow enough to add motion blur to the moving wind pump. 

Action Photography Autofocus Tips - Australian Kelpie Jumping over grass

This action photo required quick auto focusing which my Canon 5D MkIII is very good at. I made sure my shutter speed was high enough to freeze the motion of the dog jumping at 1/800th of a second. I set my focus to AI Servo mode to keep the dog in focus as he moves. As the dog was getting ready to jump I held down the shutter button and followed the dog jumping. My camera with the Canon 24-105mm lens was able to get every single shot in focus and I choose this photo as the best from the burst series.

Crepuscular Rays Through Clouds Over Mountain - Landscape Photography

Crepuscular rays are caused by the clouds blocking the sunlight with columns of rays passing through the clouds separated by shade areas . Apparently there is proof that these rays are all parallel even though not all the rays look parallel on photos. The rays spreading out into different angles is an optical illusion but some people rather refer to the rays as being almost parallel. This phenomenon usually occurs during twilight hours although this photo was taken almost in midday

How to Photograph the Inside of a Hard Drive

After opening the hard drive I placed the hard drive under a softbox in order to make the reflection clean. It is very important to make sure none of the photography equipment is in the reflection of the very reflective disc. I added a shoot through umbrella to the left and a reflector to the right to get a nice reflection of the magnetic read/write head, on the disc. 

Coffee Beans - Photographing Coffee Beans

This photo of coffee beans was taken with 3 speedlites. One through a softbox, one through a translucent umbrella and the other bounced off the white background.

Taking a photo this close up and having everything in focus requires a small aperture. Therefore without increasing the ISO which introduces noise in the photo, the speedlites had to be set at full power.

How to Take a Long Exposure Photo

Having no remote with me meant I couldn’t use the BULB mode and had to use the two second timer to take a photo to reduce camera shake. I again used mirror lock up to further sharpen the photo. One thing to remember when taking photos on a tripod with a lens that has image stabilization is to switch off the image stabilization. 

Photographing a Spider on its Web

When photographing a spiderweb it can be difficult to make a spiderweb stand out against the background. The waterdrops on the spiderweb makes the spiderweb stand out against the black background. Including a spider on the spiderweb makes a much better photo. Placing the spiderweb off-centre creates a better composition.